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Oct 25 2006, 2:20 PM
 v2.6.26 Released - New Prop/Bug FixPost a Reply

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from: Washington, DC

We have just released v2.6.26 of the report wizard.  This version features 2 new properties AllowAllFilters and UseFastExport

  • AllowAllFilters - This property basically lets you assign any filter you want in the dialog wizard. i.e. It removes any restrictions on data types and lets your database handle the filter. e.g. CompanyName > 'Com'.
    This property is a fix to the bug reported by 2shediac in this post.

    objWiz.AllowAllFilters = True ' default is false

  • UseFastExport - This property basically lets you use a faster engine when exporting your report to another dataset such as excel or text.
    P/S: It doesn't allways work well with non-english values.
    This property might be a fix to bugs such as the one reported by hhme in this post.

    objWiz.UseFastExport= True ' default is false
    objGrid.UseFastExport= True ' default is false

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