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May 19 2004, 9:59 AM
 Re: Do While Populate GraphPost a Reply

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from: Laurel, MD

The GetGraph function just returns the graph as an HTML text string.
Make sure that you do not add any NULL values in to the graph. I will forward this bug.
However, try this:

  If objRS.EOF  Then  
     'no records returned
     Do  While Not objRS.EOF  
         Call objGraph.AddRowData(objRS("ProductName") & "",  _  
             ParseDbl(objRS("Weight") & ""))  
     With ObjGraph  
          'Add some variables
          objGraph.XScaleValues = "Product"
          objGraph.xALign = "center"
          objGraph.yLabel = "Weight"
          objGraph.Title = "Product Weights"
     End  With  
  End  If  
  Function ParseDbl(ByVal s)  
     If  IsNumeric(s)  Then ParseDbl=CDbl(s)  Else ParseDbl=0  
  End  Function  

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