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Sep 13 2004, 12:51 PM
 Version 2.4.60 Released!Post a Reply

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from: Washington, DC

1. Version 2.4.60 Released
Version 2.4.6 (build 2.0.460) of the ASP Report Wizard has just been released. This version features some major bug fixes including the handling of Multiple Concurrent Users, Invalid columns appearing, Export Not Working and the handling of more than 60 columns in reports.

2. Custom HTML Tags
Support for custom HTML tags has just been added to the Text Replacement field data format.
These tags include: b, i, u, br & eval
b - bold, i - italic and u - underline e.g.
[ b]{{FirstName}}[/ b]
br - line break e.g.
You can format an address field as follows:
[ i]{{Address}}[ br]{{City}}, {{State}}[/ i]
eval - evalutes the string within as a javascript function. for example, if you wanted the SUM of Field1 and Field2, you will enter the following line for your TextReplacement format:

Consider the Order Details table which has the following fields: OrderID,ProductID,UnitPrice,Discount
If you wanted the Sale Price to appear in the Discount column, you will enter the following line for your TextReplacement format:

3. More Default Filters
Two more filtering options have been added to the report wizard's default filtering options. These include:

  • Is MAX - filters for the record with the maximum value of the selected field
  • Is MIN - filters for the record with the minimum value of the selected field

For example, UnitPrice IS MAX will return the most expensive product from the products table and UnitPrice IS MIN will return the cheapest product.

4. Using CSS to align and format your report columns
By default the Report Wizard formats the grid row syles using the CSS class item and alt_item for Odd and Even rows respectively. i.e.

You can futher format the column cells depending on the data type. Currently only four data types are supported number, date, money, boolean & text For example, if you wanted to right-align your numeric fields you can add the following classes to your style sheet.

/*column styles*/

5. LocaleFile Updated
The report wizard can now recognize the following locale file entries:
<!-- database objects titles -->
<StoredProceduresText>Stored Procedures</StoredProceduresText>
<AllowedTablesText>Allowed Tables</AllowedTablesText>
<AllowedProceduresText>Allowed Procedures</AllowedProceduresText>

These tags can be used to customize the text displayed by the corresponding database object type names.

Also, the documentation file has also been updated

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