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:: New Feature/Properties - v2.4.95 Released :: (1)Post a Reply
Feb 2 2005, 2:25 PM
 New Feature/Properties - v2.4.95 ReleasedPost a Reply

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from: Washington, DC

Version 2.4.95 has been released which contains two new properties
  • OverridePageSize - for the report wizard which will override the displayed pagesize of all reports. e.g.
    objWiz.OverridePageSize = 15 'sets all pages to 15 records.

  • DefaultSortOrder - for the datagrid which is used to set the original sort order of the DataGrid. e.g.
    objGrid.Command = "SELECT CompanyName,ContactName, Phone FROM Customers"
    objGrid.DefaultSortOrder = "ContactName"

Also, now if you have a report that has a graph, when you hit the Print icon, it will format 1 report and 1 chart per page.
If you prefer to have all the values displayed in the chart, click the View All command before clicking on the Print button

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