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Feb 22 2005, 10:11 AM
 New Features - Version 2.5.05 ReleasedPost a Reply

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from: Washington, DC

Version 2.5.05 Released

Version 2.5.05 (build 2.0.505) of the report wizard has just been released.
This version features several new features and bug fixes. Amongst the new features includes the ability to add headers & footers to your reports and also the ability to filter records based on a group of values.

New Properties
  • PrintHeader (String) - used to add HTML text to the report's header of each page before printing the report. For example:
        objWiz.PrintHeader = "<div align='right'><img src='images/logo.gif' vspace='10'></div>"

  • PrintFooter (String) - used to add HTML text to the report's footer of each page before printing the report. For example:
        objWiz.PrintFooter = "<p align='center'> All rights reserved</p>"
        Applies to - ReportWizard & DataGrid
New Filters
In addition to properties above, the report wizard's default filters also have the following options added
  • is below average
  • is above average
  • IS IN e.g. 1,2,3 or 'A','B' etc.
Note: IS IN implies Value=1 or Value=2 etc. Also not that it does not verify user inputs. So always add the appropriate characters where necessary. e.g. 'MA','DC','CA' for string fields.

New Text Format for OLE fields
The ReportWizard now has the ability to format OLE objects as hyperlinks or images. To format an OLE object as a hyperlink, select the Document format from the drop down menu of the Text Format (dialog wizard - Add captions (aliases) to field names). You will be prompted to enter your file extension. Enter PDF for PDF documents, DOC for word documents and so on. This will then be formatted as a link which a user can click on to download the document.

Bug Fixes
DefaultSortOrder: The default sort order bug has been fixed as of this version.

Source Code License
Because of endless requests by some users for the source code due to their company's policy or otherwise, we have finally agreed to publish a source code license version of the ASP Report Wizard v2.0.
To purchase the source code, you must first of all agree to the terms and coditions of the source code license agreement. For more information, go to the link below:

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