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Feb 24 2005, 10:45 AM
 Version 2.5.08 Released - Bug Fixes/New FeaturesPost a Reply

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from: Washington, DC

Version 2.5.08 Released

Version 2.5.08 (build 2.0.508) of the report wizard has just been released.
This version features several new features and bug fixes and two new properties.  Bug Fixes include:

1. The Word document export mentioned in this port DOC Export

2. The Master-Detail Report not working bug reported on Feb 21 2005
P/S: For this fix to work, you have to select the option Set as default sort order
from the Re-Order your table fields screen of the dialog wizard

Documentation updated. The documentation has also been updated to reflect the new properties and latest functionality.
You can download a copy in HTML Help format or Plain HTML zipped files from our downloads center located at the URL below:

New Properties
1. ShowInactiveButtons:
Used to display inactive icons so that your page navigation buttons stay in the same place all the time. Default is False e.g.
objWiz.ShowInactiveButtons = True or
objGrid.ShowInactiveButtons = True
    Great when used with images

2. AddPageBreakBeforeReport:
Adds a page-break before the report when printing. Default is False
You can set this property to True if you want a blank page before your report (during printing)

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