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Jan 31 2007, 4:07 PM
 v2.6.30 Released - New Prop/Bug FixPost a Reply

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from: Washington, DC

We have just released v2.6.30 of the report wizard.  Due popular request we have added two new properties: ColumnStyle and CellStyle for the DataGrid only at this time.

  • ColumnStyle - This property let's you assign CSS styles to any column of the DataGrid.

    Call objGrid.ColumnStyle("ProductID","color:green;")

  • CellStyle - This property let's you assign CSS styles to any grid cell of the DataGrid depending on the text content.

    Call objGrid.CellStyle("John","background-color:yellow;border:2px solid blue;")

We have also fixed a bug that breaks the user filters when assigning numeric values varchars

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