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Sep 3 2013, 12:54 AM
 Changing the domain for a licencePost a Reply

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since: Feb 23, 2012
from: Adelaide, South Australia

Hopefully someone still monitors this forum...

Some years ago, my predecessor bought ASP Report Wizard.  Hes no longer here to ask, but I believe he bought a single-domain licence, and registered it against our IP address at the time (  The licence key is coded into the web page that uses it.

Weve moved the site to a new server, and want to change it to a URL (, or  

On the new server, the Report Wizard shows the list of reports, but when I try to view one, I get this:

Your free version of the ASP Report Wizard has expired.
For a new copy, please visit
Thanks for using the ASP Report Wizard.

How do I get it working on the new server?

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