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Aug 18 2004, 9:32 AM
 MaxRecords, Bug Fixes, v2.4.31 ReleasedPost a Reply

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from: Washington, DC

Version 2.4.31 (build 2.0.431) of the ASP Report Wizard has just been released.
    This version features the new property MaxRecords (to set the Maximum number of records returned) and more bug fixes and routine uptimization.

The UseProcedures and UseTables properties can now accept display captions other than their default names. You can add captions by using an  (=) separator as follows:

  • For Tables & Views:
    objWiz.UseTables = "Table1,View2,Table5"
    objWiz.UseTables = "Table1=West Coast,View2=Latest Inventory,Table5"

  • For stored procedures:
    objWiz.UseProcedures = "Procedure Name=Procedure Caption,ParamName1='ParamValue1',ParamName2=ParamValue2"

    For example:

    objWiz.UseProcedures = "sp_GetAllUSCust=US Customers,SomeParam=1, AnotherParam='GIJOE'"

  • Note: It is not Required that you add a caption

  • Also remember that when you pre-set stored procedures, the parameter values will be hidden from end-users

Some documentation will be available later from both our downloads section and the online manual .

Let us know if everything is working out fine.

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